Fallons brooches

With every order of a Fallons brooch, you will receive a jewelry care kit in your box. It contains a glass bottle (15ml) of cleaning spray and a polishing cloth. Combined, the set will help you maintain the beauty of your jewelry. 


Carefully clean your necklace with a jewelry polishing cloth. If your necklace is more heavily soiled, you can use water and a mild soap for the cleaning agents in addition to the polishing cloth. 

Cleaning with home remedies

Even the most precious pieces of jewelry can tarnish over time and look dull. To counteract and remove this, there is a helpful home remedy. 

Jewelry should never be treated with aggressive cleaners, hard brushes or coarse cloths. Incorrect cleaning can quickly damage the surface. If you do not have a special cleaning agent, mild washing-up liquid can be used for cleaning. 

Application: Put a few squirts of mild washing-up liquid in a bowl of warm water and place the piece of jewelry in it. After about 15 minutes you can take it out and clean it carefully with a soft cloth. Then rinse with warm water and dry mindfully.